The future of the Winthrop Public Library


It all started when...

Advisory board member Ken Westman has seen the need for  a new library in Winthrop for decades. At a dinner in 2014, a few folks started to scheme more formal, and then over scones in 2016 even further. Finally, in January, 2017 a few of us gathered to put together thoughts long in the forming for a Winthrop Public Library. 

(See our executive summary HERE)

What can you imagine?

Space to meet and study? A community hub? Maker space? Technology training platforms? A separate and welcoming children's area? Art exhibits? An example of responsible and environmentally conscious building? An interpretive trail? I children's science center? A place for community presentations and learning? These are just a few of the ideas people have already suggested!

Be a part of it!

We are setting up community conversations in the summer and fall of 2017. If you have a group of 8-10 people and are interested in hosting one of these conversations, contact us and two members of our board will schedule a meeting to facilitate a conversation. 

How does this work? We have initiated a needs assessment, gathering information, setting up the not-for-profit and laying the groundwork for a robust feasibility study we expect to take place in the spring of 2018. We will make a decision about next steps when we know more about grants and donors at the end of that study.