Envisioning the future of the Winthrop Library:


We are in the visioning and needs assessment phase considering the development of a new library for Winthrop! Click through to see more about this project, and scroll through the gallery below to see concept sketches.

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The current Winthrop Public Library is housed in what was intended as a temporary location. At just over 1000 square feet, it is 2000 square feet smaller than recommendations by the American Library Association for the immediate community; the Methow Valley library space is 6000 square feet smaller than ALA recommendations for our community. This severely restricts opportunities for events, for collection, for gathering, and thus for community, for learning and for discovery.

feedback from our community so far

Over the past year we have held community conversations of small groups from Mazama to Twisp collecting feedback and ideas on the project. We included questions in the Town of Winthrop parks survey, and had outstanding participation; we also collected data from the NCRL Strategic Panning survey. All of this confirms our current and future work to build a public space that meets the needs of our growing community.


How do you envision the ideal library for our community?

“It is increasingly clear that there is a need for a safe space, a third place. There are a lot of kids in the valley who don’t have even a safe place to study. It could be a real leveler.”
— -Methow Valley business owner and parent
The most important factors for maintaining health into old age are continuing to be engaged in community and ongoing learning.

We are challenged by a lack of public venues in this valley that support our aging population’s needs and desires to connect for meaningful conversation, for group lectures and other gatherings, and to learn and be supported as we adapt to using knew technologies.
— Founder, Methow-at-Home and elder caregiver
“At the library LEGO event several kids were asking if they could buy books. It was clear they had never been in a library. But there wasn’t enough space to hold the event.”
— -Methow Valley grandparent

“At the Ghost Bears event there were so many people many of us couldn’t see the screen and had to just listen to the presenter. There just wasn’t enough space.”
— -Methow Valley retiree
“I just order books off Amazon because the collection isn’t big enough to be worth my time to go into the library.”
— -Methow Valley business owner
“A lot of us in my age group are trying to work on our Masters degrees online and there is nowhere to go to study and use computers.”
— -Methow Valley seasonal employee, late 20s
 Super readers at the Fourth of July Parade walked for the Winthrop Friends of the Public Library!

Super readers at the Fourth of July Parade walked for the Winthrop Friends of the Public Library!

Our December 2017 update to our advisory board, city officials and North Central Regional Library representatives


Work to make the Winthrop Public Library a place of community gathering and development. See the events we are planning throughout the year on the events page!

There are many ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.
— Jacqueline Kennedy

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